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Adventure and dolphins, that´s Mayan Underworld & Delfines, this tour offers you the chance to experience a different way of seeing and interacting with this mythical creature. You will experience 2 different activities in one day, but you will ask for more. 


  • Mayan Jungle: A place that preserves the energy of the Mayan world, you will feel the calm, and hear nature call to free your explorer spirit. Open your senses because everything in this place is alive, everything.

  • Caves and cenotes: Imagine visiting 3 of the most important caves of the ancient Mayan civilization, that are connected with all the other cenotes around the Riviera Maya. Xibalba, Grutas Ikk and Xaman-ha. Yeah, you will explore them all. 

  • Culinary Mexican Experience: We may not realize it, but Mexican cuisine is a world heritage experience, the flavors, the colors and the taste are as millenary as the ancient Mayan civilization. Which you will be tasting in the middle of the jungle, it couldn’t get any better.

  • Speleology: When talking about adventure, speleo is a must have. This activity will take you to really explore the depths of the Mayan Underworld, a sensorial experience, in which you will encounter breathtaking panoramas and stoke your wanderlust.

  • Dolphins: This activity is a different one, imagine yourself swimming/snorkeling and turning around to a majestic dolphin swimming freely near you. Don’t dream about it, live it.




Imagine yourself living this AMAZING adventure.

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Discover the enigmatic world of the real explorers.

Learn all the tips, history , and facts about being a real explorer. The places to visit and live the real adventure and how to visit those places. And different stories of true explorers around México and the world. 

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